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DIRECTIONS (kilometer readings are approximate)
Leaving the airport turn right, towards the town of Tipitapa. Follow the road 3.1 kilometers to the second roundabout where you will bear to the right. Follow that road 6.7 kilometers to an intersection where you will take a hard right (you will be heading south into Tipitapa and toward Masaya). Follow that road for 22 kilometers until you come to a T in the road that has a road sign for NIC 4 (to Masaya, Granada, and Penas Blancas) and turn left there. Go straight at the first small round-a-bout and pass the “On the Run” gas station and continue along the outskirts of Masaya. After 3.6 kilometers, you will come to the 1st of 2 large round-a-bouts, at this one you will want to turn right toward Catarina. There is no sign at this intersection, but shortly after the turn, you will pass a large Purina factory on your left. After 8.9 kilometers, you will come to the 2nd round-a-bout where you will continue to go straight – you should now be climbing the hill to Catarina (there will be a lot of plant and artisan shops). Catarina is a great place to stop for lunch or souvenirs. We recommend either going up to the Catarina Mirador or going to the Artesania and El Ranchito Viejo, just as you enter Catarina. Continue for 18 kilometers to where the road comes to a Y (you will see the volcano Mombacho directly in front of you). At the Y, turn right towards Nandaime. After 9.5 kilometers, you will take a long, wide, swooping left onto the Pan American highway (which is called the Carreterra Sur in Nicaragua), you will continue on through the town of Nandaime. If the La Colonia Grocery Store is up and functioning, this will be your best stop for groceries. Follow the Carreterra Sur south for 46 kilometers. (If you don’t need groceries please resume the directions below the italicized writing.)

FOR GROCERIES: Head south into Rivas. You will go straight through a small round-a-bout and about 1/4 mile after that you will pass a Texaco gas station on your right. Continue south on the Pan American Highway and you will find a large grocery store called Maxi Pali about 100 yards past Texaco on your left (next to the baseball stadium). In order to resume with the directions you will want to head back north on the Pan American Highway and look for the cobblestone road that will be on your left. There will be signs for Hacienda Iguana, Rancho Santana, Gigante and Punta Teoneste.

Around 45 km start looking for a yellow Cafe 1820 sign on the right, there will also be signs for Hacienda Iguana, Rancho Santana, Arenas and Tola. Take this right onto a cobblestone road. Follow the cobblestone street for 1 kilometer, you will come to a stop sign and turn right toward Tola. Follow this road for 12.6 kilometers to Tola. Be very cautious cause there will be 6 well hidden, not painted speed bumps. Follow this road through Tola. In Tola, turn left at the stop sign at the far corner of the park (just past the fruit stands). Turn right in 2 blocks onto a dirt road, following signs towards Iguana and Rancho Santana. At 10.5km you will see a turn for Gigante to your left, you want to continue going straight. About 2 kilometers further there will be a fork in the road. IN the dry season (December-May) you can veer to the left, it's a short cut, but in the wet season (May-November) you will want to veer to the right. Both roads meet back up with each other. Where the 2 roads meet back up together it only about another kilometer until you'll find the Hacienda Iguana gates on your left. Tell the guard at the gate your name and which condo or house you will be renting. Once you’ve entered follow the dirt road for about 3 kilometers until you come to a 2nd guard gate. Once you pass the second guard gate you will veer to your left and pass through the cones to go to the Rio Dulce condos, Casa Colorados or Hacienda Colorado or veer right to head to the Townhouses or Villas condos.

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