Scoops and Spokes
Ice cream Shop and Restaurant
Organic, sustainable, 100% local ingredients ice-cream made in Nicaragua.

Scoops is a part of Scoops and Spokes business located in Hacienda Iguana, near Tola, on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.


The idea of an ice cream store in Nicaragua has come to us after spending a year helping create the ice cream flavours for a very trandy LA store. Nica beach life was definatley lacking a cold refreshing treat!


The secret of our ice cream is we do not use any chemicals or products that we do not know the origin off. Everything that goes into our ice cream is locally sourced within Central America. It can be hard because we do rely on seasonal frutis for our sorbets, for example. But this is how you know you are getting the freshest and the best quality product from us!

Hours: 7am-10pm


Hacienda Iguana, Tola

Rivas Nicaragua


+505.8641.7498 call/WhatsApp




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